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Ear protection - Venus

Venus Earplug

Identifiable colour

Distinct bright orange colour makes monitoring easy for supervisors

High Attenuation

  • Slow expansion to perfctly fit the ear canal size & form
  • Minimizes noise disturbance immediately

Instructions on each pack

Wearer instructions on each pack ensure correct ways of use thereby providing fitting and protection

Tapered/Bell Shape

  • Suitable for long time duration use
  • Provides superior fit

Venus H-101

Venus H-103

Venus Reusable earplug

Multi flange design

  • Enhanced protection against hazardous noise, water and other particles
  • Repeat wear, value addition

Quick to use

  • Quick insert
  • No rolling and waiting for correct fit

Even and moderette attenuation

Blocks hazardous noise yet allows warning signals and voices

Venus H-301

Venus H-303

Venus H-401

Venus Earmuff

One size fits all

  • No need to stock
  • Lowers inventory

Better attenuation level

  • Provides adequate level
  • from noisy environments

Height Adjustment

  • To achive proper fit


  • Can be used with ear plug with minimum hindrance in working

Venus H510

Venus H550

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