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Neoprene Flocklined Gloves

Technical Data

Colour Blue over Yellow
Size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Thickness 0.68 0.73mm (Mid palm)
Thickness 27 -- 29mils (Mid palm)
Length 325 - 335
Cuff Beaded I Rolled
G.irripp Pattern Diamond Embossed


  • Polychloropene coated for added chemical resistance and physical resilience.
  • Improved oil resilience.
  • Extra dip for added strength.
  • Cotton flocking absorbs perspiration and eases donning and removal of the glove.
  • Diamond embossed pattern enhances we and dry handling making it safer and easier.


  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Maintainance Cleaning
  • Low Hazardous chemical handling
  • Wase Collection
  • Heavy equipment assembly

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